Admission procedure and policy

Admission procedure and policy

Admission procedure and policy

  1. Admission test form(s) is to be collected from the School office.
  2. The filled in form(s) should be submitted within the given date(s) and collect the admit card (s) for admission test for their children.
  3. Papers to be submitted with the form:

(a) Photocopy of Birth certificate(s) form city corporation

(b) Two passport size photographs

(c) Photocopy of the last examination Report card (optional)

(d) Photocopy of transfer certificate.

  1. Applicant (s) have to face both written and viva.
  2. Play and Nursery applicant (s) will be face an interview. (This does not apply for single parents).
  3. Name of the selected candidates will be published on the notices board.
  4. Admission form(s) is to be bought from the school office on any working day (9:00a.m. to 3:00p.m.) duly filled and submitted with all necessary papers on the assigned date.
  5. Candidate(s) have to get admission within the given date. Three stamp size photographs of the student (s), one passport size and stamp size photograph of each parents/guardians is to be submitted at the time of admission.
  6. Enrollment of old student(s) should be completed as per schedule given from the office.


* Age Requirements for Play & Nursery:


 3 years to  4 years


4 years to  5 years