Message of principal

Greetings to everyone.  I welcome you all to HEED International School (HIS)

Sometimes schools are seen as places where students learn, teachers teach and results are achieved, and yet, of course, an education is so much more. We want our students to achieve their full potential academically but we also want to truly educate, so that a graduate of HEED International School is a rounded human being, capable of making the most of what those ‘points’ open up for him or her. Not too long ago society became conscious of the need to be able to deal with change. We were told that our children could expect to have several different types of jobs over a life time. It was something that younger people had learned to accept and in the days of the last century it seemed easy and even interesting. Alas! The economic landscape is very different now. The importance of being able to deal with change has a whole new meaning and has taken on a reality that is very challenging. The students of our school are equipped to rise to that challenge. The extra and co-curricular activities provided in HIS give our students the skills needed to embrace these challenging times – to be innovative, creative, team players … thinkers and the leaders of tomorrow, who will foster and develop the reputation nationally and internationally, as a champion for the people of our country. We are, as always, humbled by the skills of teachers and the enthusiasm of youth.

In the end, I congratulate you to be the part of HIS family to lead our society and make the world a better place with peace and tranquility.

May God be always with you!

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